Formula One (Cassette)


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Mike & Keys are the visionary minds behind the beats on the late, great Nipsey Hussle's VICTORY LAP album.

Formula One is an extension of that energy.

I handpicked these tracks and sequenced the album after Mike told me he wanted to do a M&K album on Street Corner Music just after Nip's passing.

With assistance from DJ Khalil, Jake One, Bekon, MYGUYMARS, MTK aka Matthew Crabtree, & Dave Foreman

It is the first in a series of albums documenting their archives via Street Corner Music. 


A1 Pole Position
A2 Brave
A3 Razzle Dazzle
A4 Gimme
A5 New Year's Day
A6 Hov
A7 Don't Judge Me
B1 Long Time
B2 Raids
B3 Thank God
B4 Mozart
B5 Starship
B6 Boyz N The Hood
B7 Checkered Flag


Formula One (Cassette)
Formula One (Cassette)
Formula One (Cassette)