Stro's Old Beat Farm (2xLP Test Pressing Vinyl)


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Limited to 15 Test Pressings - Hand Stamped & Numbered

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Stro Elliot has risen to prominence as the percussionist for The Roots and was previously a producer and MC for The Procussions. Long before being a nightly part of The Tonite Show with Jimmy Fallon as a part of The Roots, Stro released a collection of vaulted tracks called “Stro’s Old Beat Farm”. This collection of tracks were created between 2004 and 2010, and gave a glimpse of greatness to those that scoured the internet for the best in beats. SCM presents Stro’s Old Beat Farm in physical form for the first time, ten years after its release. It is a document of a man who would soon be well on his way.

Stro's Old Beat Farm (2xLP Test Pressing Vinyl)