Inspired By True Events (2xLP)


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When Tenacity was writing the album he was going through a lot of changes personally. Both negative and positive transitions. He was doing a lot of walking and a lot of sleeping on couches. A lot of exploring and alot of encounters and conversations with strangers, both good and bad. During the process he grew into himself. He would have shitty days and write about them. He would have great days and write about them to the same beat. He created songs that were Inspired by the good and bad that surrounded him. Whether it be the death of a friend or growth of his engineering business. Whether it be the loss of employment or the gain of understanding. He would sit and Imagine the life he has now. That's the Law of attraction. A life free of Distractions and Know It Alls. I was Looking For Things and fell victim to Temptation. This Bitter Earth had his Feelings Bottled Up. He had to choose Heads or Tails and Grow regardless.

Heads or Tails (feat. Jimetta Rose)
Looking For Things
Understanding (feat. Guilty Simpson)
Imagine (feat. Jimetta Rose)
Bottled Up
That's the Law (feat. Ras Kass & One Be Lo)
Know it Alls (feat. Chino XL)
Bitter Earth
C/D  Instrumentals

Inspired By True Events (2xLP)